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ART SERIES by Sound of Hemp®
 Key D 432Hz with D 432Hz Toot

Presenting " Hunting "  Painted by Raylene an award winning Indigenous artist, skilled at creating and teaching craft work, painting and murals. 

Raylene  gave this particular Black Hemp Didgeridoo the name " Story of Hunting" with the following narration and story:

If you listen you can hear the spirit of the land. Hear the notes in the wind. Teaching us the way to hunt for food. The hunter uses the spear, and tracks the land for signs of food and bush tucker. The land, its vastness and ruggedness is characterized by the background design. 

Black Hemp Didgeridoo Key-D 432Hz

  • Length: 200cm

  • Key: D

  • Horn/Toot: D

  • Bottom End: 14cm

  • Material: Black Hemp Charcoal

  • Mouthpiece: Internal Diameter 30mm-32mm

  • Weight: 2.8kg

  • Tuning: 432Hz


What you get with our hemp didgeridoo

Superior resonance

Incredible tonal quality

Optimum backpressure

Increased responsiveness

Durable temperature and climate resistant material

Easy horn/toots

Nontoxic environmentally friendly

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