Rainbow Serpent

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Rainbow Serpent


INTRODUCING the "The Rainbow Serpent" 

Key- D

This Black Hemp Didgeridoo in the super magical key of D painted by renowned painter Raylene.

"The Rainbow Serpent" was painted by the gorgeous and very special Raylene.

Raylene is a descendant of the Stolen Generation. She was born in Darwin, Northern Territory in 1958. Raylene is one of the founding members of an Indigenous Arts and Crafts Center and is an award winning Indigenous artist, skilled at creating and teaching craft work, painting and murals. Raylene told us that
" Art is the freedom to evoke emotion and inspire imagination."

Raylene spent many months working on this instrument and the artwork is breathtakingly beautiful.

This is the story Raylene wrote:

I name this Didge - The Rainbow Serpent
The creator, guiding and protecting us, giving us knowledge. The hills and the waterholes are expressed by specific dot pattern which aboriginal people believe was made by the serpent out of the earth. The vast landscapes is portrayed by the background dots.

This is a incredible healing instrument and the sound and energy resonance matches the brilliance of the artwork. A truly unique instrument.

Black Hemp Didgeridoo Key- D

  • Length: 200cmm

  • Key: D

  • Horn/Toot:

  • Bottom End: 14cm

  • Material: Black Hemp Charcoal

  • Mouthpiece: Internal Diameter 30mm-32mm

  • Weight: 3-3.5kg


What you get with our hemp didgeridoo

Superior resonance

Incredible tonal quality

Optimum backpressure

Increased responsiveness

Durable temperature and climate resistant material

Easy horn/toots

Nontoxic environmentally friendly

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