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Internal and external hygiene ensures longevity for instrument and player.


regular maintenance prolongs the life of your instrument.  


Internal bore maintenance: 

1/ Have a piece of string slightly longer than your instrument.

2/ Tie a small weight to one end of the string (e.g. a nut or bolt).
 A good idea here is to put a piece of tape around the weighted piece, so as to not damage or scratch the internal bore.

3/ Fill a bowl with warm water, and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil.
E.g. tea tree, lavender, eucalyptus, clove etc.
This will assist in cleaning, help remove bacteria ( from saliva ) and will create a pleasant smell.

4/ Soak your cleaning cloth in the warm bowl of water and essential oil of choice until cloth is completely soaked.

5/ Tie the soft cleaning cloth to the other end of the string.

6/ Carefully drop the weighted end of your string down the bore of your instrument
(Note: drop from the bottom end of your instrument).

7/ Turn your instrument back to its upright position (with the mouth piece upright),
and slowly pull the string with the cloth through the bore of the instrument.
 While doing this procedure, take care and be aware that pulling the string could damage the internal mouth piece blowing edge.
This can be repeated as many times as you feel necessary.

8/ Leave your instrument in a ventilated area to dry.

9/ When you're not using your instrument, store it in a protected bag.


External maintenance:

1/ When playing your instrument, we recommend placing a small padded piece of material for the bottom end of the instrument to sit on.
 This prevents wearing and scratching that can expose the raw material.

2/ We recommend to do external maintenance 3 times per year, or if the external wall of the instrument appears dull or scratched, wipe down with a natural oil (e.g. raw linseed, almond, hemp etc).

3/ Apply small amount of your chosen oil to a soft cloth and start to gently rub over the entire surface in a circular motion.
Do this in a well-lit area so you can see the amount of oil being applied to the surface of your instrument.
Do not flood the surface of instrument with oil.

 4/ Leave the oil to sit for about 6 hours and then wipe excess oil of with a clean cloth.

5/ Because the nature of saliva is very aggressive, we recommend to clean and oil the mouth piece area (internally and externally) 3 times per year.

6/ Sweat is another aggressive fluid. After lengthy playing sessions your hands can leave sweat around the first 1/3 of your instrument.
 Wipe the sweat off, and on a regular basis wipe this area down with your chosen natural oil (e.g. repeat step 4).


Extra notes:

We recommend both internal & external maintenance at least 3 times per year.

Do not soak your instrument e.g. in the ocean or creek.

Your instrument will not be affected by heat and sunlight,
yet like all high quality instruments we recommend to avoid direct heat whenever possible.

This maintenance guide will help you to prolong the life of your instrument.

We thank you for your support.