our creation process

6: Black Hemp charcoal.jpg

With the fusion of hemp charcoal into the raw hemp fibre material matrix,
we create something completely new.
Our recipe is hemp fibre, water
and hemp charcoal.

Hemp + H2O + C6 = Black Hemp.


5: golden natural hemp fiber.jpg

In the early stages of our instrument designing days, we experimented with many materials. We explored densities, applications of materials to our designs, and the acoustic properties. Today, the integral whole of instrument, sound, raw material (hemp fibre) and designs are one.

The way in which we process our hemp fibre allows absolutely no use of glues or resins; only water and hemp fibre. 

This process is called 'wet milling'. It is the cutting and fibrillating of these hemp fibres that increases the natural (hydroxyl) bondings, just as it is in nature. Within the processing of the hemp fiber, we can adjust the density of our raw material. This allows the exploration into the relationship of material to design, the acoustic qualities of material, and how that relates to the design. This now-processed raw material is pliable, non toxic, bio degradable, and without any VOC gases (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Once the wet material is applied to the designed molds, it goes through the dehumidification process.
This process takes time and is where the magic becomes crystallised. The charcoal, plant sugars, minerals, lignin's and the minerals within the water are all drawn to the internal and external surface's of the drying material.

These ingredients become the hard crystallised surface or 'skin' of our dried 'Black Hemp' material. This dense nano crystallised surface contains qualities and properties that add to the internal space of our designs, the external longevity of the material and that of the instrument.

One of the properties within hemp charcoal, the 'Far Infrared' rays, are emitted constantly from the black hemp material. These rays reduce moisture within an atmosphere (in this case, the internal spaces of the instrument) into fine particles that naturally create healthy negative-charged ions. (Note: Unhealthy positive ions come from phones, computers, lights, electrical items). When breath moves through the internal space of the instrument, it is subtly charged by the 'Far infrared' rays, creating negative charged ions.

Another quality is 'absorption'. When the player engages with inner intent, the intent through their breath is absorbed by the Black Hemp and stored within the walls of the instrument. In this way, these instruments become powerful tools. One can set intentions for specific reasons to assist with their own growth and health and/or assist the one who is receiving.  

Thank you for trusting and supporting our unique creation process.

                      "Macro   image of our dried material and the nano crystallised surface of our Black Hemp stix"                                                                                                                                                        

                    "Macro image of our dried material and the nano crystallised surface of our Black Hemp stix"