Copy of Key C 440Hz


Copy of Key C 440Hz


Key C 440Hz Black Hemp Didgeridoo

Pure, Deep, Balanced taper with highs, mids and lows in alignment.  This instrument has been crafted to exquisite refinement for pitch, tone, dynamics and response. Great instrument. 

Length: 230cm
Key: C
Horn/Toot: C
Bottom End: 15cm
Material: 100% Hemp Fibre
Mouthpiece: Internal Diameter 30mm-32mm
Weight: 3.5-4.2kg Approx


What you get with our hemp didgeridoo

Superior resonance

Incredible tonal quality

Optimum backpressure

Increased responsiveness

Durable temperature and climate resistant material

Easy horn/toots

Nontoxic environmentally friendly

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